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Definition no

Etymology 1

From Middle English no, noo, na, a reduced form of none, noon, nan (“none, not any”) used before consonants (compare a to an), from Old English nān (“none, not any”), from ne (“not”) + ān (“one”), equivalent to ne (“not”) +‎ a. Cognate with Scots nae (“no, not any, none”), Old Frisian nān, nēn ("no, not any, none"), Saterland Frisian naan, neen (“no, not any, none”), North Frisian nian (“no, not any, none”), Old Dutch nēn ("no, not any, none"; > Dutch neen (“no”)), Old Norse neinn (“no, not any, none”). Compare also Old Saxon nigēn ("not any"; > Low German nen), Old Dutch nehēn (Middle Dutch negheen/negeen, Dutch geen), West Frisian gjin, Old High German nihein (> German kein). More at no, one.



  1. Not any.
  2. Hardly any.
  3. Not any possibility or allowance of (doing something).
  4. Not (a); not properly, not really; not fully.

Etymology 2

From Middle English no, na, from Old English , (“no, not, not ever, never”), from Proto-Germanic *nai (“never”), *nē (“not”), from Proto-Indo-European *ne, *nē, *nēy (negative particle), equivalent to Old English ne (“not”) + ā, ō (“ever, always”). Cognate with Scots na (“no”), Saterland Frisian noa (“no”), West Frisian (“no”), West Frisian nea (“never”), Dutch nee (“no”), Low German nee (“no”), German nie (“never”), dialectal German (“no”), Swedish nej (“no”), Icelandic nei (“no”). More at nay.


no (not comparable)

  1. (Except in Scotland, now only used with different, with comparatives more and less, and informally with certain other adjectives such as good and fun) Not, not at all.

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  1. Used to show disagreement or negation.
  2. Used to show agreement with a negative question.
  3. (colloquial) Used together with an affirmative word or phrase to show agreement.

no (plural noes or nos)

  1. a negating expression; an answer that shows disagreement or disapproval
  2. a vote not in favor, or opposing a proposition

Etymology 3

Variant of No., from the scribal abbreviation for Latin numero (“in number, to the number of”).


no (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Alternative form of No.

no (plural nos)

  1. Alternative form of No.

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