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Definition one


From Middle English one, oon, on, oan, an, from Old English ān (“one”), from Proto-Germanic *ainaz (“one”), from Proto-Indo-European *óynos (“single, one”). Cognate with Scots ae, ane, wan, yin (“one”); North Frisian ån (“one”); Saterland Frisian aan (“one”); West Frisian ien (“one”); Dutch een, één (“one”); German Low German een; German ein, eins (“one”); Swedish en (“one”); Norwegian Nynorsk ein (“one”), Icelandic einn (“one”); Latin ūnus (“one”) (Old Latin oinos); Russian оди́н (odín). Use as indefinite personal pronoun influenced by unrelated French on.



  1. The number represented by the Arabic numeral 1; the numerical value equal to that cardinal number.
  2. (number theory) The first positive number in the set of natural numbers.
  3. (set theory) The cardinality of the smallest nonempty set.
  4. (mathematics) The ordinality of an element which has no predecessor, usually called first or number one.


one (reflexive oneself, possessive adjective one’s, plural ones)

  1. (impersonal pronoun, indefinite) One thing (among a group of others); one member of a group.
  2. (impersonal pronoun, sometimes with "the") The first mentioned of two things or people, as opposed to the other.
  3. (indefinite personal pronoun) Any person (applying to people in general).
  4. (pronoun) Any person, entity or thing.


one (plural ones)

  1. The digit or figure 1.
  2. (mathematics) The neutral element with respect to multiplication in a ring.
  3. (US) A one-dollar bill.
  4. (cricket) One run scored by hitting the ball and running between the wickets; a single.
  5. A joke or amusing anecdote.
  6. (colloquial) A particularly special or compatible person or thing.
  7. (Internet slang, leetspeak, sarcastic) Used instead of ! to amplify an exclamation, parodying unskilled typists who forget to press the shift key while typing exclamation points, thus typing "1".
    B: y d0nt u just g0 away l0zer!!1!!one!!one!!eleven!!1!


one (not comparable)

  1. Of a period of time, being particular.
  2. Being a single, unspecified thing; a; any.
  3. Sole, only.
  4. Whole, entire.
  5. In agreement.
  6. The same.
  7. Being a preeminent example.
  8. Being an unknown person with the specified name; see also "a certain".


one (third-person singular simple present ones, present participle oning, simple past and past participle oned)

  1. (obsolete, transitive) To cause to become one; to gather into a single whole; to unite.

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