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Definition or

Etymology 1

From Middle English or; partially contracted from other, auther, from Old English āþor, āwþer, āhwæþer ("some, any, either"; > either); and partially from Middle English oththe, from Old English oþþe, from Proto-Germanic *efþau (“or”).



  1. Connects at least two alternative words, phrases, clauses, sentences, etc. each of which could make a passage true. In English, this is the "inclusive or." The "exclusive or" is formed by "either […] or".
  2. (logic) An operator denoting the disjunction of two propositions or truth values. There are two forms, the inclusive or and the exclusive or.
  3. Counts the elements before and after as two possibilities.
  4. Otherwise (a consequence of the condition that the previous is false).
  5. Connects two equivalent names.

Etymology 2

From Etymology 1 (sense 2 above)


or (countable and uncountable, plural ors)

  1. (heraldry) The gold or yellow tincture on a coat of arms.

or (not comparable)

  1. (heraldry) Of gold or yellow tincture on a coat of arms.

Etymology 4

Late Old English ār, from Old Norse ár. Compare ere.



  1. (obsolete) Early (on).
  2. (obsolete) Earlier, previously.


  1. (now archaic or dialectal) Before; ere.

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