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Definition air


From Middle English air, eir (“gas, atmosphere”), from Anglo-Norman aeir, eyer, Old French aire, eir, from Latin āēr, from Ancient Greek ἀήρ (aḗr, “wind, atmosphere”). Displaced native Middle English luft, lift (“air”) (from Old English lyft (“air, atmosphere”)), Middle English loft (“air, upper region”) (from Old Norse lopt (“air, sky, loft”)). More at lift, loft.


air (countable and uncountable, plural airs)

  1. (uncountable, meteorology) The substance constituting earth's atmosphere, particularly:
    1. (historical, philosophy, alchemy) understood as one of the four elements of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
    2. (historical, medicine) understood as a particular local substance with supposed effects on human health.
    3. (physics) understood as a gaseous mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and various trace gases.
  2. (usually with the) The apparently open space above the ground which this substance fills, (historical) formerly thought to be limited by the firmament but (meteorology) now considered surrounded by the near vacuum of outer space.
  3. A breeze; a gentle wind.
  4. A feeling or sense.
  5. A sense of poise, graciousness, or quality.
  6. (usually in the plural) Pretension; snobbishness; pretence that one is better than others.
  7. (music) A song, especially a solo; an aria.
  8. (informal) Nothing; absence of anything.
  9. (countable, uncountable) An air conditioner or the processed air it produces.
  10. (obsolete, chemistry) Any specific gas.
  11. (snowboarding, skateboarding, motor sports) A jump in which one becomes airborne.
  12. A television or radio signal.


air (third-person singular simple present airs, present participle airing, simple past and past participle aired)

  1. To bring (something) into contact with the air, so as to freshen or dry it.
  2. To let fresh air into a room or a building, to ventilate.
  3. To discuss varying viewpoints on a given topic.
  4. (transitive) To broadcast (a television show etc.).
  5. (intransitive) To be broadcast.
  6. (Britain, MLE, slang) To ignore.

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