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Definition jog


From earlier shog (“to jolt, shake”), from Middle English shoggen, schoggen (“to shake up and down, jog”), from Middle Dutch schocken (“to jolt, bounce”) or Middle Low German schoggen, schucken (“to shog”), from Old Saxon *skokkan (“to move”), from Proto-Germanic *skukkaną (“to move, shake, tremble”). More at shock.


jog (plural jogs)

  1. An energetic trot, slower than a run, often used as a form of exercise.
  2. A sudden push or nudge.


jog (third-person singular simple present jogs, present participle jogging, simple past and past participle jogged)

  1. To push slightly; to move or shake with a push or jerk, as to gain the attention of; to jolt.
  2. To shake, stir or rouse.
  3. To walk or ride forward with a jolting pace; to move at a heavy pace, trudge; to move on or along.
  4. (exercise (sport)) To move at a pace between walking and running, to run at a leisurely pace.
  5. To cause to move at an energetic trot.
  6. To straighten stacks of paper by lightly tapping against a flat surface.

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