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Definition run


From Middle English runnen, ronnen (“to run”), alteration (due to the past participle runne, runnen, yronne) of Middle English rinnen (“to run”), from Old English rinnan, iernan (“to run”) and Old Norse rinna (“to run”), both from Proto-Germanic *rinnaną (“to run”) (compare also *rannijaną (“to make run”)), from Proto-Indo-European *h₃reyH- (“to boil, churn”). Cognate with Scots rin (“to run”), West Frisian rinne (“to walk, march”), Dutch rennen (“to run, race”), German rennen (“to run, race”), rinnen (“to flow”), Danish rende (“to run”), Swedish ränna (“to run”), Icelandic renna (“to flow”). Non-Germanic cognates include Albanian rend (“to run, run after”). See random.


run (plural runs)

  1. Act or instance of running, of moving rapidly using the feet.
  2. Act or instance of hurrying (to or from a place) (not necessarily by foot); dash or errand, trip.
  3. A pleasure trip.
  4. Flight, instance or period of fleeing.
  5. Migration (of fish).
  6. A group of fish that migrate, or ascend a river for the purpose of spawning.
  7. (skiing, bobsledding) A single trip down a hill, as in skiing and bobsledding.
  8. A (regular) trip or route.
  9. The route taken while running or skiing.
  10. The distance sailed by a ship.
  11. A voyage.
  12. An enclosure for an animal; a track or path along which something can travel.
  13. (Australia, New Zealand) Rural landholding for farming, usually for running sheep, and operated by a runholder.
  14. State of being current; currency; popularity.
  15. A continuous period (of time) marked by a trend; a period marked by a continuing trend.
    1. A series of tries in a game that were successful.
  16. (card games) A sequence of cards in a suit in a card game.
  17. (music) A rapid passage in music, especially along a scale.
  18. A trial.
  19. A flow of liquid; a leak.
  20. (chiefly eastern Midland US, especially Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) A small creek or part thereof. (Compare Southern US branch and New York and New England brook.)
  21. A production quantity (such as in a factory).
  22. The length of a showing of a play, film, TV series, etc.
  23. A quick pace, faster than a walk.
    1. (of horses) A fast gallop.
  24. A sudden series of demands on a bank or other financial institution, especially characterised by great withdrawals.
  25. Any sudden large demand for something.
  26. The top of a step on a staircase, also called a tread, as opposed to the rise.
  27. The horizontal length of a set of stairs
  28. A standard or unexceptional group or category.
  29. (baseball) The act of a runner making it around all the bases and over home plate; the point scored for this.
  30. (cricket) The act of passing from one wicket to another; the point scored for this.
  31. (American football) A gain of a (specified) distance; a running play.
  32. A line of knit stitches that have unravelled, particularly in a nylon stocking.
  33. (nautical) The stern of the underwater body of a ship from where it begins to curve upward and inward.
  34. (construction) Horizontal dimension of a slope.
  35. (mining) The horizontal distance to which a drift may be carried, either by licence of the proprietor of a mine or by the nature of the formation; also, the direction which a vein of ore or other substance takes.
  36. A pair or set of millstones.
  37. (mathematics, computing) The execution of a program or model
  38. (video games) A playthrough.
  39. (slang) A period of extended (usually daily) drug use.
  40. (golf) The movement communicated to a golf ball by running it.
  41. (golf) The distance a ball travels after touching the ground from a stroke.
  42. (video games, rare) An attempt at a game, especially a speedrun.
  43. Unrestricted use. Only used in have the run of.


run (not comparable)

  1. In a liquid state; melted or molten.
  2. Cast in a mould.
  3. Exhausted; depleted (especially with "down" or "out").
  4. (of a zoology) Travelled, migrated; having made a migration or a spawning run.
  5. Smuggled.

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