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Definition yam

Etymology 1

From Portuguese inhame and Spanish ñame, possibly from the Fula nyami (“to eat”). The term was spelled yam as early as 1657.


yam (plural yams)

  1. Any climbing vine of the genus Dioscorea in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, usually cultivated.
  2. The edible, starchy, tuberous root of that plant, a tropical staple food.
  3. (US) A sweet potato; a tuber from the species Ipomoea batatas.
  4. (Scotland) Potato.
  5. (New Zealand) A oca; a tuber from the species Oxalis tuberosa.
  6. (Malaysia, Singapore) Taro.
  7. An orange-brown colour, like the flesh of the yam. (Can we add an example for this sense?)

Etymology 2

Alternative form of hjem. Likely caused by Old Norse influence from Old Norse heim (“home, homewards”), the accusative form of heimr (“abode, world, land”), from Proto-Germanic *haimaz. More at home.


yam (plural yams)

  1. (regional, Cumberland) home

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