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Definition wad

Etymology 1

Probably short for Middle English wadmal (“woolen cloth”), from Old Norse váðmál (“woolen stuff”), from váð (“cloth”) + mál (“measure”). See wadmal. Cognate with Swedish vadd (“wadding, cotton wool”), German Wat, Watte (“wad, padding, cotton wool”), Dutch lijnwaad, gewaad, watten (“cotton wool”), West Frisian waad, Old English wǣd (“garment, clothing”) (English: weed). More at weed, meal.


wad (plural wads)

  1. An amorphous, compact mass.
  2. A substantial pile (normally of money).
  3. A soft plug or seal, particularly as used between the powder and pellets in a shotgun cartridge.
  4. (slang) A sandwich.
  5. (slang, vulgar) An ejaculation of semen.

wad (third-person singular simple present wads, present participle wadding, simple past and past participle wadded)

  1. To crumple or crush into a compact, amorphous shape or ball.
  2. (Ulster) To wager.
  3. To insert or force a wad into.
  4. To stuff or line with some soft substance, or wadding, like cotton.

Etymology 2


wad (countable and uncountable, plural wads)

  1. (mineralogy) Any black manganese oxide or hydroxide mineral rich rock in the oxidized zone of various ore deposits.

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