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Definition ant


From Middle English ampte, amte, emete, amete, from Old English ǣmette (“ant”), from Proto-Germanic *ēmaitijǭ (“ant”, literally “biting-thing, cutter”), from Proto-Germanic *ē- (“off, away”) + *maitaną (“to cut”), from Proto-Indo-European *mai- (“to cut”). Cognate with Scots emmot (“ant”), dialectal Dutch emt, empt (“ant”), German Ameise and Emse (“ant”). See also emmet.


ant (plural ants)

  1. Any of various insects in the family Formicidae in the order Hymenoptera, typically living in large colonies composed almost entirely of flightless females.
  2. (Internet) A Web spider.


ant (third-person singular simple present ants, present participle anting, simple past and past participle anted)

  1. (ornithology) To rub insects, especially ants, on one's body, perhaps to control parasites or clean feathers.

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