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Definition toe


From Middle English to, from Old English , (Mercian) tāhe, from Proto-Germanic *taihwǭ (compare Dutch teen, German Zehe, Swedish ), from *tīhwaną (“to show, announce”) (compare Old English teōn (“to accuse”), German zeihen (“to accuse, blame”)), from Proto-Indo-European *deyḱ- (“to show”) (compare Hittite [script needed] (tekkuššāi), Latin dīcere (“to say”), digitus (“finger”), Ancient Greek δείκνυμι (deíknumi, “to point out, show”), Sanskrit दिदेष्टि (dídeṣṭi), दिशति (diśáti)).


toe (plural toes)

  1. Each of the five digits on the end of the foot.
  2. An equivalent part in an animal.
  3. That part of a shoe or sock covering the toe.
  4. Something resembling a toe, especially at the bottom or extreme end of something.
  5. (dance) An advanced form of ballet primarily for the females, dancing ballet primarily using a Pointe shoe.
  6. An alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle with positive toe (or toe in) signifying that the wheels are closer together at the front than at the back and negative toe (or toe out) the opposite.
  7. (engineering) The journal, or pivot, at the lower end of a revolving shaft or spindle, which rests in a step.
  8. (engineering) A lateral projection at one end, or between the ends, of a piece, such as a rod or bolt, by means of which it is moved.
  9. (engineering) A projection from the periphery of a revolving piece, acting as a cam to lift another piece.
  10. (carpentry) The long side of an angled cut.


toe (third-person singular simple present toes, present participle toeing, simple past and past participle toed)

  1. To furnish (a stocking, etc.) with a toe.
  2. To touch, tap or kick with the toes.
  3. (transitive) To touch or reach with the toes; to come fully up to.
  4. (construction) To fasten (a piece) by driving a fastener at a near-45-degree angle through the side (of the piece) into the piece to which it is to be fastened.
  5. (golf) To mishit a golf ball with the toe of the club.

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