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Definition ten


From Middle English ten, tene, from Old English tīen, from Proto-Germanic *tehun, from Proto-Indo-European *déḱm̥. Cognate with Scots ten, tene (“ten”), West Frisian tsien (“ten”), Saterland Frisian tjoon (“ten”), North Frisian tiin (“ten”), Dutch tien (“ten”), German zehn (“ten”), Norwegian ti (“ten”), Swedish tio (“ten”).

Non-Germanic cognates include Albanian dhjetë, Old Armenian տասն (tasn), Lithuanian dešimt, Old Church Slavonic десѧть (desętĭ), Old Breton dec, Old Irish deich, Ancient Greek δέκα (déka), Sanskrit दश (dásá), Old Persian *?? (daθa), Latin decem, Tocharian A śäk.

See also teen.



  1. The number occurring after nine and before eleven, represented in Arabic numerals (base ten) as 10 and in Roman numerals as X.


ten (countable and uncountable, plural tens)

  1. (uncountable) The number following nine.
  2. (countable, card games) A card in a given suit with a value of ten.
  3. (countable) A denomination of currency, such as a banknote, with a value of ten units. See also tenner.
  4. (countable, US, slang) A perfect specimen, (particularly) a physically attractive person.
  5. (countable, US, slang) A high level of intensity

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