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Definition see

Etymology 1

From Middle English seen, from Old English sēon (“to see, look, behold, perceive, observe, discern, understand, know”), from Proto-Germanic *sehwaną (“to see”), from Proto-Indo-European *sekʷ- (“to see, notice”). Cognate with West Frisian sjen (“to see”), Dutch zien (“to see”), Low German sehn, German sehen (“to see”), Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål se (“to see”), Norwegian Nynorsk sjå (“to see”), and more distantly with Latin sīgnum (“sign, token”), Albanian shih (“look at, see”) imperative of shoh (“to see”).


see (third-person singular simple present sees, present participle seeing, simple past saw or (dialectical) seen or (dialectical) seent or (dialectical) seed, past participle seen or (dialectical) seent or (dialectical) seed)

  1. (stative) To perceive or detect with the eyes, or as if by sight.
    1. To witness or observe by personal experience.
    2. (Of a movie) to watch at a cinema.
  2. To form a mental picture of.
    1. (figuratively) To understand.
    2. To come to a realization of having been mistaken or misled.
    3. (used in the imperative) Used to emphasise a proposition.
  3. (social) To meet, to visit.
    1. To have an interview with; especially, to make a call upon; to visit.
    2. To date frequently.
  4. (transitive) To be the setting or time of.
  5. (by extension) To ensure that something happens, especially while witnessing it.
  6. (gambling) To respond to another player's bet with a bet of equal value.
  7. (sometimes mystical) To foresee, predict, or prophesy.
  8. To determine by trial or experiment; to find out (if or whether).
  9. (used in the imperative) To reference or to study for further details.
  10. To involve; to be a part of.


  1. Directing the audience to pay attention to the following
  2. Introducing an explanation

Etymology 2

From Middle English se, see, from Old French sie (“seat, throne; town, capital; episcopal see”), from Latin sedes (“seat”), referring to the bishop's throne or chair (compare seat of power) in the cathedral; related to the Latin verb sedere (“to sit”).


see (plural sees)

  1. A diocese, archdiocese; a region of a church, generally headed by a bishop, especially an archbishop.
  2. The office of a bishop or archbishop; bishopric or archbishopric
  3. A seat; a site; a place where sovereign power is exercised.

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