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Definition yang

Etymology 1

From early romanizations of Chinese 陽/阳 (yáng), originally in reference to the sunny side of areas such as mountains and dwellings


yang (uncountable)

  1. (philosophy) A principle in Chinese and related East Asian philosophies associated with bright, hot, masculine, etc. elements of the natural world.

Etymology 2

From Korean 양 (兩, yang, “yang, tael”).


yang (plural yangs)

  1. The monetary unit of Korea from 1892 to 1902, divided into 100 pun.

Etymology 3



yang (third-person singular simple present yangs, present participle yanging, simple past and past participle yanged)

  1. (rare) To make the cry of the wild goose.

yang (plural yangs)

  1. The cry of the wild goose; a honk.

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