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Definition toad


From Middle English tode, which see for more. Middle English also had the forms toode, tade, tadde.

Cognate with Scots tade, taid, taed, ted (“toad”). Compare also Danish tudse (“toad”), possibly originally from the same prehistoric root; also Swedish tåssa, tossa (“toad”), Old English tāxe (“toad”), Old English tosca (“toad”) by contrast.


toad (plural toads)

  1. An amphibian, a kind of frog (order Anura) with shorter hindlegs and a drier, wartier skin, many in family Bufonidae.
  2. (derogatory) A contemptible or unpleasant person.


toad (third-person singular simple present toads, present participle toading, simple past and past participle toaded)

  1. (Internet, informal, transitive) To expel (a user) permanently from a MUD or similar system, so that their account is deleted.

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