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Definition till

Etymology 1

From Middle English til, from Northern Old English til, from or akin to Old Norse til (“to, till”); both from Proto-Germanic *til (“to, toward”), from Proto-Germanic *tilą (“planned point in time”). Not a shortening of until; rather, until comes from till with the prefix un- (“against; toward; up to”) also found in unto. Cognate with Old Frisian til (“to, till”), Danish til (“to”), Swedish till (“to, till”), Icelandic til (“to, till”). Also related to Old English til (“good”), German Ziel (“goal”), Gothic ??? (til, “something fitting or suitable”).



  1. Until; to, up to; as late as (a given time).
  2. (Can we verify this sense?) (obsolete) To, up to (physically).
  3. (dialectal) To make it possible that.


  1. Until, until the time that.

Etymology 2

From Middle English tylle (“till”), potentially from Middle English tillen (“to draw”) from Old English *tyllan (as in betyllan (“to lure, decoy”) and fortyllan (“to draw away”); related to tollian). Cognate with Albanian ndjell (“I lure, attract”).

Alternatively, Middle English tylle is from Anglo-Norman tylle (“compartment”) from Old French tille (“compartment, shelter on a ship”) from Old Norse þilja (“plank”).


till (plural tills)

  1. A cash register.
  2. A removable box within a cash register containing the money.
  3. The contents of a cash register, for example at the beginning or end of the day or of a cashier's shift.
  4. (obsolete) A tray or drawer in a chest.

Etymology 3

From Middle English tilyen, from Old English tilian.


till (third-person singular simple present tills, present participle tilling, simple past and past participle tilled)

  1. (transitive) To develop so as to improve or prepare for usage; to cultivate (said of knowledge, virtue, mind etc.).
  2. (transitive) To work or cultivate or plough (soil); to prepare for growing vegetation and crops.
  3. (intransitive) To cultivate soil.
  4. (obsolete) To prepare; to get.

Etymology 4

Unknown, but possibly via etymology 3 (the verb) because alluvial deposit is used as a fertilizer.


till (plural tills)

  1. glacial drift consisting of a mixture of clay, sand, pebbles and boulders
  2. (dialectal) manure or other material used to fertilize land

Etymology 5

From Middle English tylle; shortened from lentile (English lentil).


till (plural tills)

  1. A vetch; a tare.

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