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Definition she


From Middle English sche, hye (“she”), from earlier scho, hyo, ȝho (“she”), a phonetic development of Old English hēo, hīo (“she”), from Proto-Germanic *hijō f (“this, this one”), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱe-, *ḱey- (“this, here”). Cognate with English dialectal hoo (“she”), Scots scho, shu (“she”), Saterland Frisian jo, ju (“she”), West Frisian hja (“she”), North Frisian (“she”), Danish hun (“she”), Swedish hon (“she”). More at he.

Despite the similarity in appearance, the Old English feminine demonstrative sēo (“that”) is probably not the source of Middle English forms in sch-. Rather, the sch- developed out of a change in stress upon hío resulting in hió, spelt ȝho (ȝh = , compare wh = hw, lh = hl, etc.), and the h was palatalised into the sh sound. Similar alteration can be seen the name Shetland, from Old Norse Hjaltland; ȝho is the immediate parent form of Middle English scho and sche.


she (third-person singular, feminine, nominative case, accusative and possessive her, possessive hers, reflexive herself)

  1. (personal) The female person or animal previously mentioned or implied.
  2. (personal, sometimes affectionate) A ship or boat.
  3. (personal, dated, sometimes affectionate) A country, or sometimes a city, province, planet, etc.
  4. (personal, affectionate or poetic) Any machine or thing, such as a car, a computer, or (poetically) a season.
  5. (personal) A person whose gender is unknown or irrelevant (used in a work, along with or in place of he, as an indefinite pronoun).



  1. (African American Vernacular) Synonym of her


she (plural shes)

  1. A female.

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