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Definition rind

Etymology 1

From Middle English rind, rinde, from Old English rind and rinde (“treebark, crust”), from Proto-Germanic *rindō, *rindǭ (“crust, rind”), from Proto-Indo-European *rem- (“to come to rest, support or prop oneself”). Cognate with German Rinde (“bark, rind”).


rind (plural rinds)

  1. tree bark
  2. A hard, tough outer layer, particularly on food such as fruit, cheese, etc
  3. (figuratively, uncountable, rare, usually "the") The gall, the crust, the insolence; often as "the immortal rind"

rind (third-person singular simple present rinds, present participle rinding, simple past and past participle rinded)

  1. (transitive) To remove the rind from.

Etymology 2

Cognate with Flemish rijne, Low German ryn.


rind (plural rinds)

  1. An iron support fitting used on the upper millstone of a grist mill.

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