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Definition rid

Etymology 1

Fusion of Middle English redden (“to deliver from, rid, clear”) (from Old English hreddan (“to deliver, rescue, free from, take away”), from Proto-Germanic *hradjaną (“to save, deliver”)) and Middle English ridden (“to clear away, remove obstructions”) (from Old English ġeryddan (“to clear land”), from Proto-Germanic *riudijaną (“to clear”), from Proto-Indo-European *reudh- (“to clear land”). Akin to Old Frisian hredda (“to save”), Dutch redden (“to save, deliver”),German retten (“to save, deliver”), roden (“to clear”) and reuten (“to clear”), Old Norse ryðja (“to clear, empty”), Old Norse hrōðja (“to clear, strip”). More at redd.


rid (not comparable) (not used attributively)

  1. Released from an obligation, problem, etc. (usually followed by of).

rid (third-person singular simple present rids, present participle ridding, simple past rid or ridded, past participle rid or ridded or ridden) (ridden is rare and nonstandard)

  1. (transitive) To free (something) from a hindrance or annoyance.

Etymology 2



  1. (obsolete) simple past tense and past participle of ride

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