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Definition raw


From Middle English rawe, raw, rau, from Old English hrēaw (“raw, uncooked”), from Proto-Germanic *hrawaz, *hrēwaz (“raw”), from Proto-Indo-European *krewh₂- (“raw meat, fresh blood”). Cognate with Scots raw (“raw”), Dutch rauw (“raw”), German roh (“raw”), Swedish (“raw”), Icelandic hrár (“raw”), Latin crūdus (“raw, bloody, uncooked”), Irish cró (“blood”), Lithuanian kraujas (“blood”), Russian кровь (krovʹ, “blood”). Related also to Old English hrēow, hrēoh (“rough, fierce, wild, angry, disturbed, troubled, sad, stormy, tempestuous”). More at ree.


raw (comparative rawer, superlative rawest)

  1. Of food: not cooked. [from 9th c.]
  2. Not treated or processed (of materials, products etc.); in a natural state, unrefined, unprocessed. [from 10th c.]
  3. Having had the skin removed or abraded; chafed, tender; exposed, lacerated. [from 14th c.]
  4. New or inexperienced. [from 16th c.]
  5. Crude in quality; rough, uneven, unsophisticated. [from 16th c.]
  6. Of data, statistics etc: uncorrected, without analysis. [from 20th c.]
  7. Of weather: unpleasantly cold or damp.
  8. (obsolete) Not covered; bare; bald.



  1. (slang) Without a condom.


raw (plural raws)

  1. (sugar refining, sugar trade) An unprocessed sugar; a batch of such.
  2. A galled place; an inveterate sore.
  3. (by extension, figuratively) A point about which a person is particularly sensitive.
  4. (anime fandom slang) A recording or rip of a show that has not been fansubbed.
  5. (manga fandom slang) A scan that has not been cleaned (purged of blemishes arising from the scanning process) and has not been scanlated.

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