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Definition quite

Etymology 1

A development of quit, influence by Anglo-Norman quite.


quite (not comparable)

  1. (heading) To the greatest extent or degree; completely, entirely.
    1. With verbs, especially past participles. [from 14c.]
    2. With prepositional phrases and spatial adverbs. [from 15c.]
    3. With predicative adjectives. [from 15c.]
    4. With attributive adjectives, following an (especially indefinite) article; chiefly as expressing contrast, difference etc. [from 16c.]
    5. Preceding nouns introduced by the indefinite article. Chiefly in negative constructions. [from 16c.]
    6. With adverbs of manner. [from 17c.]
  2. (heading) In a fully justified sense; truly, perfectly, actually.
    1. Coming before the indefinite article and an attributive adjective. (Now largely merged with moderative senses, below.) [from 17c.]
    2. With plain adjectives, past participles, and adverbs. [from 18c.]
    3. Coming before the definite article and an attributive superlative. [from 18c.]
    4. Before a noun preceded by an indefinite article; now often with ironic implications that the noun in question is particularly noteworthy or remarkable. [from 18c.]
    5. Before a noun preceded by the definite article. [from 18c.]
    6. (now rare) With prepositional or adverbial phrases. [from 18c.]
  3. To a moderate extent or degree; somewhat, rather. [from 19c.]


  1. (chiefly Britain) Indicates agreement; "exactly so".

Etymology 2

From Spanish quite.


quite (plural quites)

  1. (bullfighting) A series of passes made with the cape to distract the bull.

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