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Definition pax

Etymology 1

Borrowed from Latin pax (“peace”). See peace. As school slang, used at Winchester College, Hampshire in the United Kingdom.



  1. (Christianity) A painted, stamped or carved tablet with a representation of Christ or the Virgin Mary, which was kissed by the priest during the Mass ("kiss of peace") and then passed to other officiating clergy and the congregation to be kissed. See also osculatory.
  2. (Britain, dated, school slang) friendship; truce
  3. (Christianity) The kiss of peace.
  4. (Christianity) A crucifix, a tablet with the image of Christ on the cross upon it, or a reliquary.


  1. (Britain, dated, school slang) A cry for peace or truce in children's games.

Etymology 2

Abbreviation of passenger. X is an abbreviation marker as in DX, TX and canx.


pax (plural pax)

  1. (informal, usually in the plural) passenger; passengers
  2. (informal, usually in the plural, by extension, hospitality industry) guest (at an event or function)

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