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Definition nit

Etymology 1

From Middle English nite, from Old English hnitu, from Proto-Germanic *hnits (compare Dutch neet, German Nisse, Norwegian nit), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱ(o)nid- (compare Scottish Gaelic sneadh, Lithuanian glìnda, Polish gnida, Albanian thëri, Ancient Greek κονίς (konís))


nit (plural nits)

  1. The egg of a louse.
  2. A young louse.
  3. (Britain, Ireland, slang) A head louse regardless of its age.
  4. (Britain, slang) A fool, a nitwit.
  5. A nitpicker.
  6. A minor shortcoming.

nit (third-person singular simple present nits, present participle nitting, simple past and past participle nitted)

  1. (MLE) To have the modus vivendi of a drug addict, to live the life of a nitty.

Etymology 2

From Latin nitēre (“to shine”).


nit (plural nits)

  1. A candela per square meter.

Etymology 3


nit (plural nits)

  1. Synonym of nat (logarithmic unit of information)

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