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Definition new


From Middle English newe, from Old English nīwe, nēowe (“new”), from Proto-Germanic *niwjaz (“new, fresh”), from Proto-Indo-European *néwyos (“new”), from *néwos.

Compare also Old English (“now”). More at now.


new (comparative newer, superlative newest)

  1. Recently made, or created.
  2. Additional; recently discovered.
  3. Current or later, as opposed to former.
  4. Used to distinguish something established more recently, named after something or some place previously existing.
  5. In original condition; pristine; not previously worn or used.
  6. Refreshed, reinvigorated, reformed.
  7. Newborn.
  8. Of recent origin; having taken place recently.
  9. Strange, unfamiliar or not previously known.
  10. Recently arrived or appeared.
  11. Inexperienced or unaccustomed at some task.
  12. (of a period of time) Next; about to begin or recently begun.


new (comparative more new, superlative most new)

  1. Newly (especially in composition).
  2. As new; from scratch.


new (usually uncountable, plural news)

  1. Things that are new.
  2. (Australia) A kind of light beer.
  3. (Britain, naval slang) A naval cadet who has just embarked on training.


new (third-person singular simple present news, present participle newing, simple past and past participle newed)

  1. (obsolete) To make new; to recreate; to renew.

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