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Definition mina

Etymology 1

Borrowed from Hindi मैना (mainā)/Urdu مینا‎ (mainā), from Sanskrit मदन (madana).


mina (plural minas)

  1. Alternative spelling of myna

Etymology 2

Borrowed from Latin mina, from Ancient Greek μνᾶ (mnâ, “mna”). Compare maneh, from Biblical Hebrew מָנֶה‎ (māne), as well as maund.


mina (plural minas or minae)

  1. (historical) A monetary unit of ancient Greece and the Middle East, originally equivalent to the weight of a mina of silver. [From 15th C.]
  2. (historical) A unit of weight of varying value used in the ancient Middle East, especially Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Egypt; also an ancient Greek measure of weight equivalent to 1/60th of a talent. [From 16th C.]

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