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Definition maw

Etymology 1

From Middle English mawe, maghe, maȝe, from Old English maga (“stomach; maw”), from Proto-Germanic *magô (“belly; stomach”), from Proto-Indo-European *mak-, *maks- (“bag, bellows, belly”). Cognate with West Frisian mage, Dutch maag (“stomach; belly”), German Low German Maag, German Magen (“stomach”), Danish mave, Swedish mage (“stomach; belly”), and also with Welsh megin (“bellows”), archaic Russian мошна́ (mošná, “pocket, bag”), Lithuanian mãkas (“purse”).


maw (plural maws)

  1. (archaic) The stomach, especially of an animal.
  2. The upper digestive tract (where food enters the body), especially the mouth and jaws of a fearsome and ravenous creature.
  3. Any large, insatiable or perilous opening.
  4. Appetite; inclination.

Etymology 2

By shortening of mother


maw (plural maws)

  1. (dialectal, colloquial) Mother.

Etymology 3

See mew (“a gull”).


maw (plural maws)

  1. A gull.

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