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Definition lyric


From French lyrique, or its source, Latin lyricus, from Ancient Greek λυρικός (lurikós), from λύρα (lúra, “lyre”).


lyric (comparative more lyric, superlative most lyric)

  1. (poetry) Of, or relating to a type of poetry (such as a sonnet or ode) that expresses subjective thoughts and feelings, often in a songlike style
  2. Of or relating to a writer of such poetry
  3. lyrical
  4. Having a light singing voice of modest range
  5. Of or relating to musical drama and opera
  6. melodious
  7. Of or relating to the lyre (or sometimes the harp)


lyric (plural lyrics)

  1. A lyric poem.
  2. (also in plural) The words of a song or other vocal music. The singular form often refers to a part of the words, whereas the plural form can refer to all of the words.

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