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Definition lop

Etymology 1

From Middle English loppe (“bough”); the verb is a back-formation from the adjective.


lop (third-person singular simple present lops, present participle lopping, simple past and past participle lopped or lopt)

  1. (transitive, usually with off) To cut off as the top or extreme part of anything, especially to prune a small limb off a shrub or tree, or sometimes to behead someone.
  2. To hang downward; to be pendent; to lean to one side.
  3. To allow to hang down.

lop (plural lops)

  1. That which is lopped from anything, such as branches from a tree.

Etymology 2

From Middle English loppe (“flea, spider”), from Old English loppe (“spider, silk-worm, flea”), from Proto-Germanic *luppǭ (“flea, sandflea", originally, "jumper”), from Proto-Germanic *luppijaną (“to jump, dart”). Cognate with Danish loppe (“flea”), Swedish loppa (“flea”). Compare also Middle High German lüpfen, lupfen (“to raise”, obsolete also “to rise”).


lop (plural lops)

  1. (Geordie) A flea.

Etymology 3

Back-formation from lopsided.


lop (plural lops)

  1. (US, dated, slang) (usually offensive) A disabled person, a cripple.
  2. Any of several breeds of rabbits whose ears lie flat.

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