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Definition lin

Etymology 1

From Middle English linnen, from Old English linnan (“to cease from, desist, lose, yield up”), from Proto-Germanic *linnaną (“to turn, move aside, avoid”), from Proto-Indo-European *ley- (“to elude, avoid, shrink from”). Cognate with Danish linne (“to stop, rest”), dialectal Swedish linna (“to pause, rest”), Icelandic linna (“to stop, rest”).


lin (third-person singular simple present lins, present participle linning, simple past linned or lan, past participle linned or lun)

  1. (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To desist (from something), stop.
  2. (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To cease; leave off.

Etymology 2

From Scottish Gaelic or Irish linn.


lin (plural lins)

  1. A pool or collection of water, particularly one above or below a waterfall.
  2. A waterfall, or cataract.
  3. A steep ravine.

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