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Definition li

Etymology 1

An early romanization of Chinese Mandarin (lǐ). As a Korean unit, via the Yale romanization of Korean (ri), from the Chinese distance.


li (plural lis or li)

  1. The Chinese mile, a traditional unit of distance equal to 1500 chis or 150 zhangs, now standardized as a half-kilometer (500 meters).
  2. The Korean mile, a traditional unit of distance equivalent to about 393 m.

Etymology 2

From Mandarin 市厘 (lí).


li (plural li)

  1. A traditional Chinese unit of weight, equal to one-thousandth of a liang, or fifty milligrams.

Etymology 3

From Mandarin (lǐ).


li (plural li)

  1. (Chinese philosophy) A meaningful ceremony or ritual; etiquette, behaviour.

Etymology 4

From Mandarin (lì).


li (plural li)

  1. An ancient Chinese cauldron having three hollow legs.

Etymology 5



  1. (mathematics) Logarithmic integral function

Etymology 6

Altered from la. vowel changed to 'e' to signify a raised note.


li (uncountable)

  1. (music) In solfège, the raised sixth note of a major scale (the note A-sharp in the fixed-do system).

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