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Definition lek

Etymology 1

From Germanic roots meaning "play". In the biology sense, it comes specifically from Swedish lek (“child's play”), by means of Swedish leka (“to play”). The verb is first attested in English in 1871 and the noun at least as early as 1867.


lek (plural leks)

  1. (biology) an aggregation of male animals for the purposes of courtship and display

lek (third-person singular simple present leks, present participle lekking, simple past and past participle lekked)

  1. (biology) to take part in the courtship and display behaviour of a lek
  2. (Britain, dialectal, Yorkshire, colloquial) to play

Etymology 2

From Albanian lek, named after Alexander the Great, whose name is often shortened to Leka in Albanian.


lek (plural leks or leku or lekë)

  1. the currency unit of Albania, divided into 100 qindarka

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