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Definition kid

Etymology 1

From Middle English kide, from Old Norse kið (“young goat”), from Proto-Germanic *kidją, *kittīną (“goatling, kid”), perhaps from Proto-Indo-European *gʰaidn-, *ǵʰaidn- (“goat”) or Proto-Indo-European *gidʰ- (“kid, goatling, little goat”). Compare Swedish and Danish kid, German Kitz and Kitze, Albanian kedh and kec.

Sense of child since 1590s as slang, since 1840s in informal use.


kid (plural kids)

  1. A young goat.
  2. Of a female goat, the state of being pregnant: in kid.
  3. Kidskin.
  4. (uncountable) The meat of a young goat.
  5. A young antelope.
  6. (informal) a child (usually), teenager, or young adult; a juvenile
  7. (colloquial) An inexperienced person or one in a junior position.
  8. (nautical) A small wooden mess tub in which sailors received their food.
  9. (informal) A person whose childhood took place in a particular decade or area.
  10. (informal) One's son or daughter, regardless of age.
  11. (in the vocative) Used as a form of address for a child, teenager or young adult
  12. (dated) A deception; an act of kidding somebody.

kid (third-person singular simple present kids, present participle kidding, simple past and past participle kidded)

  1. (transitive, colloquial) To make a fool of (someone).
  2. (transitive, colloquial) To make a joke with (someone).
  3. (intransitive) Of a goat, to give birth to kids.
  4. (intransitive, colloquial) To joke.

Etymology 2

Compare Welsh cidysen.


kid (plural kids)

  1. A fagot; a bundle of heath and furze.

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