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Definition jar

Etymology 1

From Middle English jarre (“jar”), from Medieval Latin jarra, or from Middle French jarre (“liquid measure”) (from Old French jare; modern French jarre (“earthenware jar”)), or from Spanish jarra, jarro (“jug, pitcher; mug, stein”), all from Arabic جَرَّة‎ (jarra, “earthen receptacle”). The word is cognate with Italian giara (“jar; crock”), Occitan jarro, Portuguese jarra, jarro (“jug; ewer, pitcher”).

The verb is derived from the noun.


jar (plural jars)

  1. (originally) An earthenware container, either with two or no handles, for holding oil, water, wine, etc., or used for burial. [from late 16th c.]
  2. A small, approximately cylindrical container, normally made of clay or glass, for holding fruit, preserves, etc., or for ornamental purposes.
  3. A jar and its contents; as much as fills such a container; a jarful.

jar (third-person singular simple present jars, present participle jarring, simple past and past participle jarred)

  1. (transitive) To preserve (food) in a jar.

Etymology 2

Perhaps imitative; the noun is derived from the verb.


jar (countable and uncountable, plural jars)

  1. (countable) A clashing or discordant set of sounds, particularly with a quivering or vibrating quality.
  2. (countable, also figuratively) A quivering or vibrating movement or sensation resulting from something being shaken or struck.
  3. (countable, by extension) A sense of alarm or dismay.
  4. (countable, now rare) A disagreement, a dispute, a quarrel; (uncountable) contention, discord; quarrelling.

jar (third-person singular simple present jars, present participle jarring, simple past and past participle jarred)

  1. (transitive) To knock, shake, or strike sharply, especially causing a quivering or vibrating movement.
  2. (transitive) To harm or injure by such action.
  3. (transitive, figuratively) To shock or surprise.
  4. (transitive, figuratively) To act in disagreement or opposition, to clash, to be at odds with; to interfere; to dispute, to quarrel.
  5. (transitive, intransitive) To (cause something to) give forth a rudely tremulous or quivering sound; to (cause something to) sound discordantly or harshly.
  6. (intransitive) To quiver or vibrate due to being shaken or struck.
  7. (intransitive, figuratively) Of the appearance, form, style, etc., of people and things: to look strangely different; to stand out awkwardly from its surroundings; to be incongruent.

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