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Definition jag

Etymology 1

The noun is from late Middle English jagge, the verb is from jaggen.


jag (plural jags)

  1. A sharp projection.
  2. A part broken off; a fragment.
  3. (botany) A cleft or division.
  4. (Scotland) A medical injection.

jag (third-person singular simple present jags, present participle jagging, simple past and past participle jagged)

  1. To cut unevenly.
  2. (Pittsburgh) To tease.

Etymology 2

Circa 1597; originally "load of broom or furze", variant of British English dialectal chag (“tree branch; branch of broom or furze”), from Old English ċeacga (“broom, furze”), from Proto-Germanic *kagô (compare dialectal German Kag (“stump, cabbage, stalk”), Swedish dialect kage (“stumps”), Norwegian dialect kage (“low bush”), of unknown origin.


jag (plural jags)

  1. Enough liquor to make a person noticeably drunk; a skinful.
  2. A binge or period of overindulgence; a spree.
  3. A fit, spell, outburst.
  4. A one-horse cart load, or, in modern times, a truck load, of hay or wood.
  5. (Scotland, archaic) A leather bag or wallet; (in the plural) saddlebags.

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