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Definition hut

Etymology 1

From Middle English *hutte, hotte, borrowed from Old French hutte, hute (“cottage”), from Old High German hutta (“hut, cottage”), from Proto-Germanic *hudjǭ, *hudjō (“hut”), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kewt- (“to deck; cover; covering; skin”). Cognate with German Hütte (“hut”), Dutch hut (“hut”), West Frisian hutte (“hut”), Saterland Frisian Hutte (“hut”), Danish hytte (“hut”), Swedish hytta (“hut”). Related to hide.


hut (plural huts)

  1. a small wooden shed
  2. a primitive dwelling

hut (third-person singular simple present huts, present participle hutting, simple past and past participle hutted)

  1. (rare, archaic, transitive) To put into a hut.
  2. (rare, dated, intransitive) To take shelter in a hut.

Etymology 2

A short, sharp sound of command. Compare hey, hup, etc.



  1. (American football) Called by the quarterback to prepare the team for a play.

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