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Definition holt


From Middle English holt, from Old English holt (“forest, wood, grove, thicket; wood, timber”), from Proto-Germanic *hultą (“wood”), from Proto-Indo-European *kald-, *klād- (“timber, log”), from Proto-Indo-European *kola-, *klā- (“to beat, hew, break, destroy, kill”).

Cognate with Scots holt (“a wood, copse, thicket”), North Frisian holt (“wood, timber”), West Frisian hout (“timber, wood”), Dutch hout (“wood, timber”), German Holz (“wood”), Icelandic holt (“woodland, hillock”), Old Irish caill (“forest, wood, woodland”), Ancient Greek κλάδος (kládos, “branch, shoot, twig”), Albanian shul (“door latch”).


holt (plural holts)

  1. A small piece of woodland or a woody hill; a copse.
  2. The lair of an animal, especially of an otter.

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