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Definition hag

Etymology 1

From Middle English hagge, hegge (“demon, old woman”), shortening of Old English hægtesse, hægtes (“harpy, witch”), from Proto-Germanic *hagatusjǭ (compare Saterland Frisian Häkse (“witch”), Dutch heks, German Hexe (“witch”)), compounds of (1) *hagaz (“able, skilled”) (compare Old Norse hagr (“handy, skillful”), Middle High German behac (“pleasurable”)), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱak- (compare Sanskrit शक्नोति (śaknóti, “he can”)), and (2) *tusjǭ (“witch”) (compare dialectal Norwegian tysja (“fairy, she-elf”)).


hag (plural hags)

  1. A witch, sorceress, or enchantress; a wizard.
  2. (derogatory) An ugly old woman.
  3. A fury; a she-monster.
  4. A hagfish; one of various eel-like fish of the family Myxinidae, allied to the lamprey, with a suctorial mouth, labial appendages, and a single pair of gill openings.
  5. A hagdon or shearwater; one of various sea birds of the genus Puffinus.
  6. (obsolete) An appearance of light and fire on a horse's mane or a man's hair.
  7. The fruit of the hagberry, Prunus padus.
  8. (slang) sleep paralysis

Etymology 2

Scots hag (“to cut”), from Old Norse hǫgg ‘cut, gap, breach’, derivative of hǫggva ‘to hack, hew’; compare English hew.


hag (plural hags)

  1. A small wood, or part of a wood or copse, which is marked off or enclosed for felling, or which has been felled.
  2. A quagmire; mossy ground where peat or turf has been cut.

Etymology 3

From Proto-Germanic *hag(g)ōnan (compare obsolete Dutch hagen ‘to torment, agonize’, Norwegian haga ‘to tire, weaken’).


hag (third-person singular simple present hags, present participle hagging, simple past and past participle hagged)

  1. (transitive) To harass; to weary with vexation.

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