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Definition goy


Borrowed from Yiddish גוי‎ (goy, “gentile”), from Hebrew גּוֹי‎ (goi, “nation”).

Compare Exodus 19:6: ממלכת כהנים וגוי קדוש (mamlekhet kohanim wegoy qadosh, “ […] a kingdom of priests and a holy nation”) (referring to the Jewish people). The word goy technically refers not to non-Jews, but rather to a nation per se; the Jews are said to constitute a “goy”. But through common usage – namely referring to "the [other non-Jewish] nations" – the word came to colloquially refer to non-Jews.


goy (plural goyim or goys or goyem)

  1. A non-Jew, a gentile. (See usage notes)

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