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Definition fob

Etymology 1

From German Low German Fobke (“pocket”) or German (East Prussian dialect) Fuppe (“pocket”).


fob (plural fobs)

  1. A little pocket near the waistline of a pair of trousers or in a waistcoat or vest to hold a pocketwatch; a watch pocket.
  2. A short chain or ribbon to connect such a pocket to the watch.
  3. A small ornament attached to such a chain. (See Usage Notes below)
  4. A hand-held remote control device used to lock/unlock motor cars etc.

Etymology 2

German foppen (“to mock”)


fob (third-person singular simple present fobs, present participle fobbing, simple past and past participle fobbed)

  1. (transitive, archaic) To cheat, to deceive, to trick, to take in, to impose upon someone.
  2. (transitive, archaic) To beat; to maul.

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