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Definition due


From Middle English dewe, dew, due, from Old French deü (“due”), past participle of devoir (“to owe”), from Latin dēbēre, present active infinitive of dēbeō (“I owe”), from dē- (“from”) +‎ habeō (“I have”).


due (comparative more due, superlative most due)

  1. Owed or owing.
  2. Appropriate.
  3. Scheduled; expected.
  4. Having reached the expected, scheduled, or natural time.
  5. Owing; ascribable, as to a cause.
  6. On a direct bearing, especially for the four points of the compass


due (comparative more due, superlative most due)

  1. (used with compass directions) Directly; exactly.


due (plural dues)

  1. Deserved acknowledgment.
  2. (in plural dues) A membership fee.
  3. That which is owed; debt; that which belongs or may be claimed as a right; whatever custom, law, or morality requires to be done, duty.
  4. Right; just title or claim.

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