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Definition drab

Etymology 1

From Middle English drab (“color of undyed cloth”), from Middle French drap (“cloth”), from Late Latin drappus (“drabcloth, kerchief”) (6th century, Vita Caesaris Arelatis), from Gaulish *drappo, from Proto-Indo-European *drep- (“to scratch, tear”) (compare Old Norse trof (“fringes”), trefja (“to rub, wear out”), Lithuanian drãpanos (“household linens”), Serbo-Croatian drápati (“to scratch, scrape”), Ancient Greek δρέπω (drépō, “to pluck”), Avestan ??????‎ (drafša, “flag, banner”), Sanskrit द्रापि (drāpí, “mantle, gown”)).


drab (comparative drabber, superlative drabbest)

  1. Dull, uninteresting, particularly of colour.

drab (countable and uncountable, plural drabs)

  1. A fabric, usually of thick wool or cotton, having a drab colour.
  2. The colour of this fabric; a dun, dull grey, or dull brownish yellow.

Etymology 2

Origin uncertain. Compare Middle English drablen, drabelen (“to soil; make dirty”), Low German drabbeln (“to soil”), Old Norse drabba (“to make drab; make dirty”). Compare also Irish drabog, Gaelic drabag (“dirty woman”).


drab (plural drabs)

  1. (dated) A dirty or untidy woman; a slattern.
  2. (dated) A promiscuous woman, a slut; a prostitute.
  3. A box used in a saltworks for holding the salt when taken out of the boiling pans.

drab (third-person singular simple present drabs, present participle drabbing, simple past and past participle drabbed)

  1. (obsolete) To consort with prostitutes.

Etymology 3

Probably related to drop.

  1. A small amount.

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