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Definition dare

Etymology 1

From Middle English durren, from Old English durran, from Proto-Germanic *durzaną (“to dare”), from Proto-Indo-European *dʰedʰórse (“to dare”), reduplicated stative of the root *dʰers- (“to be bold, to dare”), an *-s- extension of *dʰer- (“to hold, support”). Cognate with Low German dören, Dutch durven, Ancient Greek τεθαρσήκασι (tetharsḗkasi), Sanskrit दधर्ष (dadhárṣa), but also with Ancient Greek θρασύς (thrasús), Albanian nder, Lithuanian drįsti, Russian дерза́ть (derzátʹ).


dare (third-person singular simple present dare or dares, present participle daring, simple past and past participle dared or (archaic) durst)

  1. (intransitive) To have enough courage (to do something).
  2. (transitive) To defy or challenge (someone to do something)
  3. (transitive) To have enough courage to meet or do something, go somewhere, etc.; to face up to
  4. (transitive) To terrify; to daunt.
  5. (transitive) To catch (larks) by producing terror through the use of mirrors, scarlet cloth, a hawk, etc., so that they lie still till a net is thrown over them.

dare (plural dares)

  1. A challenge to prove courage.
  2. The quality of daring; venturesomeness; boldness.
  3. Defiance; challenge.

Etymology 2

From Middle English, from Old English darian.


dare (third-person singular simple present dares, present participle daring, simple past and past participle dared)

  1. (obsolete) To stare stupidly or vacantly; to gaze as though amazed or terrified. [16c.]
  2. (obsolete) To lie or crouch down in fear. [16c.]

Etymology 3


dare (plural dares)

  1. A small fish, the dace.

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