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Definition dad

Etymology 1

From Middle English dadd, dadde, of uncertain origin. Possibly related to Low German detta (“grandfather”). Possibly from a metathetic variation of unrecorded Old English *ætta, *atta (“father”), from Proto-Germanic *attô ("father, forefather"; whence also North Frisian ate, aatj, taatje, tääte (“father; dad”), Cimbrian tatta (“dad”)), from Proto-Indo-European *átta (“father”), whence Sanskrit तत (tata, “father”); or perhaps of Celtic origin, compare Welsh and Breton tad, Old Irish data; and possibly related to Russian дя́дя (djádja, “uncle”) and/or Russian де́душка (déduška, “grandfather”).


dad (plural dads)

  1. (informal) A father, a male parent.
  2. (familiar) Used to address one's father
  3. (slang) Used to address an older adult male

Etymology 2


dad (plural dads)

  1. A lump or piece.
  2. A blow; act of striking something.

dad (third-person singular simple present dads, present participle dadding, simple past and past participle dadded)

  1. (transitive) To throw against something; to dash.

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