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Definition coif

Etymology 1

From Middle English coif, coife, coyf, coyfe, coyffe, from Old French coife, coiffe, from Late Latin cofia, of West Germanic origin, related to Old High German kupphia, kupha, kupfe (“mug, hood, cap”), from Proto-Germanic *kuppijǭ (“cap, hat , bonnet, headpiece”), Proto-Germanic *kuppō (“vat, mug, cup”), from pre-Germanic *kubná-, from Proto-Indo-European *gup- (“round object, knoll”), from Proto-Indo-European *gew-, *gū- (“to bend, curve, arch, vault”). Cognate with Middle High German kupfe (“cap, headgear, helmet”).


coif (plural coifs)

  1. A hairdo.
  2. (historical) A hood; a close-fitting cap covering much of the head, widespread until the 18th century; after that worn only by small children and country women.
  3. (historical) An item of chain mail headgear.
  4. An official headdress, such as that worn by certain judges in England.

Etymology 2

From Middle English coifen, from Old French coifier, from the noun (see above).


coif (third-person singular simple present coifs, present participle coiffing or coifing, simple past and past participle coiffed or coifed)

  1. (transitive) To style or arrange hair.

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