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Definition coat


From Middle English cote, coate, cotte, from Old French cote, cotte (“outer garment with sleeves”), from Latin cotta (“undercoat, tunic”), from Proto-Germanic *kuttô, *kuttǭ (“cowl, woolen cloth, coat”), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷewd-, *gud- (“woolen clothes”). Cognate with Old High German kozza, kozzo (“woolen coat”) (German Kotze (“coarse woolen blanket; woolen cape”)), Middle Low German kot (“coat”), Ancient Greek βεῦδος (beûdos, “woman's attire”).


coat (countable and uncountable, plural coats)

  1. (countable) An outer garment covering the upper torso and arms.
  2. (countable) A covering of material, such as paint.
  3. (countable) The fur or feathers covering an animal's skin.
  4. (uncountable, nautical) Canvas painted with thick tar and secured round a mast or bowsprit to prevent water running down the sides into the hold (now made of rubber or leather).
  5. (obsolete) A petticoat.
  6. The habit or vesture of an order of men, indicating the order or office; cloth.
  7. A coat of arms.
  8. A coat card.


coat (third-person singular simple present coats, present participle coating, simple past and past participle coated)

  1. (transitive) To cover with a coating of some material.
  2. (transitive) To cover like a coat.
  3. (transitive, archaic) To clothe.

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