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Definition bun

Etymology 1

From Middle English bunne (“wheat cake, bun”), from Anglo-Norman bugne (“bump on the head; fritter”), from Old French bugne (hence French beignet), from Frankish *bungjo (“little clump”), diminutive of *bungo (“lump, clump”), from Proto-Germanic *bungô, *bunkô (“clump, lump, heap, crowd”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰenǵʰ- (“thick, dense, fat”). Cognate with Dutch bonk (“clump, clot, cluster of fruits”). More at bunch.


bun (plural buns)

  1. A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced.
  2. A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head.
  3. (Ireland) A cupcake.
  4. (slang, Britain) A drunken spree.
  5. (Internet, slang) A newbie.
  6. (informal, chiefly in the plural) A buttock.
  7. (informal) vagina

Etymology 2

Probably from Scots bun (“tail of a rabbit or hare”), which is probably from Scottish Gaelic bun (“bottom, butt, stump, stub”).


bun (plural buns)

  1. (dialectal, archaic) A rabbit or sometimes a squirrel.

Etymology 3

Caribbean pronunciation of burn.


bun (third-person singular simple present buns, present participle bunning, simple past and past participle bunned)

  1. (Caribbean and MLE, slang) To smoke cannabis.
  2. (MLE, African American Vernacular, slang) To shoot.

bun (plural buns)

  1. (Caribbean and MLE, slang) marijuana cigarette, joint

Etymology 4

From the Revised Romanization of Korean (bun), from Chinese (“fen”)


bun (plural buns or bun)

  1. (Korean units of measure) A Korean unit of length equivalent to about 0.3 cm.

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