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Definition birr

Etymology 1

From Middle English bir (“favorable or strong wind”), from Old English byre (“strong wind, storm”); cognate with Icelandic byrr (“sailing winds”), Albanian borë (“snow”), Latin borea (“North wind”) and Polish burza (“storm, thunderstorm”).


birr (plural birrs)

  1. force, vigor, energy
  2. a strong wind.
  3. the force of the wind; rush, impetus, momentum, driving force
  4. a thrust or push
  5. a whirring noise
  6. a strong trilling pronunciation

birr (third-person singular simple present birrs, present participle birring, simple past and past participle birred)

  1. To make a whirring noise; make a noise like that of revolving wheels, or of millstones at work.

Etymology 2

From Amharic ብር (bir, “silver”)


birr (plural birrs)

  1. The currency of Ethiopia, divided into 100 santims.

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