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Definition bearing

Etymology 1

From Middle English beringe, berynge, berende, berande, berand, from Old English berende (“bearing; fruitful”) (also as synonym Old English bǣrende), from Proto-Germanic *berandz, present participle of Proto-Germanic *beraną (“to bear; carry”), equivalent to bear +‎ -ing.



  1. present participle of bear

bearing (not comparable)

  1. (in combination) That bears (some specified thing).
  2. Of a beam, column, or other device, carrying weight or load.

Etymology 2

From Middle English bering, beringe, berynge, equivalent to bear +‎ -ing.


bearing (plural bearings)

  1. A mechanical device that supports another part and/or reduces friction.
  2. (navigation, nautical) The horizontal angle between the direction of an object and another object, or between it and that of true north; a heading or direction.
  3. Relevance; a relationship or connection.
  4. One's posture, demeanor, or manner.
  5. (in the plural) Direction or relative position.
  6. (architecture) That part of any member of a building which rests upon its supports.
  7. (architecture) The portion of a support on which anything rests.
  8. (architecture, proscribed) The unsupported span.
  9. (heraldry) Any single emblem or charge in an escutcheon or coat of arms.

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