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Definition asp

Etymology 1

From Latin aspis, aspidis (“asp, viper; shield”), from Ancient Greek ἀσπίς (aspís, “shield; Egyptian cobra Naja haje”)


asp (plural asps)

  1. (archaic) A water snake.
  2. A venomous viper native to southwestern Europe (Vipera aspis).
  3. The Egyptian cobra (Naja haje)
  4. A type of European fish (Aspius aspius).

Etymology 2

From Middle English aspe (aspen (in compounds)), from Old English æspe (æspan (in compounds)), from Proto-Germanic *aspō (compare Dutch esp, German Espe, Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål asp, Norwegian Nynorsk osp), from Proto-Indo-European *Hosp- (compare Welsh aethnen, Latin abiēs 'fir', Latvian apse, Polish osa, Armenian op'i 'poplar').


asp (plural asps)

  1. The aspen tree.

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