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Definition ana

Etymology 1

Formed from the Latin suffix -ana; compare ism (from -ism), itis (from -itis), phobia (from -phobia).


ana (plural anas)

  1. A collection of things associated with a person or place, especially a personal collection of anecdotes or conversations at table

Etymology 2

From Ancient Greek ἀνά (aná, “of each”).


ana (not comparable)

  1. (in prescriptions) Of each; an equal quantity.

Etymology 3


ana (uncountable)

  1. (Internet, slang) Anorexia (used especially by the pro-ana movement).

Etymology 4

Ancient Greek; see ana-.


ana (comparative more ana, superlative most ana)

  1. In a direction analogous to up, but along the additional axis added by the fourth dimension.

Etymology 5

Hindi; see anna.


ana (plural anas)

  1. Alternative form of anna: a former subdivision of the rupee.

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