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Definition ye

Etymology 1

From Middle English ye, ȝe, from Old English ġē (“ye”), the nominative case of the second-person plural personal pronoun, from West Germanic *jīz, variant of Proto-Germanic *jūz (“ye”), from Proto-Indo-European *yūs (“ye”), *yū́, plural of *túh₂. Cognate with Scots ye (“ye”), Dutch gij, jij, je (“ye”), Low German ji, jie (“ye”), German ihr (“ye”), Danish and Swedish I (“ye”), Icelandic ér (“ye”). See also you.


ye (personal pronoun)

  1. (archaic outside Northern England, Cornwall, Ireland, Newfoundland) You (the people being addressed).

ye (present participle yeyn)

  1. (obsolete) Address a single person by the use of the pronoun ye instead of thou.

Etymology 2

From Middle English þe. The letter y was sometimes used for þ (“thorn”), a letter which corresponds to modern th because þ did not exist in the first press typographies, so was replaced using either "th", which replaced it, or "y", which resembled it in Late Medieval and Early Modern Blackletter. Etymological y was for a time distinguished by a dot, , but the letters were conflated when that was dropped.



  1. (archaic, definite) the

Etymology 3

Shortened from yes.



  1. (slang) Yes.

Etymology 4

From Russian е (je).


ye (plural yes)

  1. The Cyrillic Russian letter Е, е.

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